Expert Injector – Botox & Dysport

Noticeable Results Without Surgery

As people age, the skin’s ability to bounce back from the lines and wrinkles that are formed when making habitual, expressions, starts to slow down. Wrinkles appear between the eyebrows, above the brows or around the eyes, or mouth.  Once the wrinkles become lines, they are considered “lines at rest”, and require different procedures and products such as dermal fillers and/or lasers to rejuvenate the areas.

However, people with lines and wrinkles “in-motion”, or lines that appear when squinting, concentrating, frowning or otherwise making an expression, may be good candidates for medications that relax the muscle’s contraction. The same products can be used to help subtly lift areas like the brows and jowls, putting off traditional procedures.

Botox Cosmetic and Dysport offer similar outcomes for women and men, ages 18-65 years old, who would like to soften frown lines without the downtime of traditional surgery.  Studies indicate that for some patients, Dysport may show faster results, and last longer, than when using Botox Cosmetic.

During the free consultation Dr. Tantisira will discuss the patient’s goals and examine his or her individual anatomy, including the specific muscle movement and effects on wrinkles. She will then design a treatment plan that suits the particular patient.

Injection of Botox Cosmetic, Crow’s Feet

Before Botox

Before Botox

Geri After Botox

Geri After Botox

Injection of Botox, Frown Lines

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Injection of Botox Cosmetic, Brow Lines

Balding tx sites_edited-2 Balding p Botox_edited-2

No anesthesia is required for treatment, but ice may be used to numb the injection area. Dr. Tantisira uses special needles that are as fine as acupuncture needles, and therefore quite comfortable. Dr. Tantisira will inject a precise amount into the muscles that cause the wrinkles.  Treatment time depends on the amount and size of areas treated, but is generally very short.

Results last up to 4-6 months, depending on the patient. Some patients may like to maintain a certain level of results and may elect to be treated more frequently.  Over time, some patients will not require as much product, or not need to treat the area as frequently.  If treated consistently, most patients’ results will last longer with each visit.

Dr. Tantisira is able to provide some corrective treatment for patients who were unhappy with their dermal filler or Botox/Dysport results provided by other offices or spas.  Depending on the patient’s situation, she may be able to balance out uneven areas with dermal filler injections, or strategic injection of Botox/Dysport to counteract previous treatment.

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