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Bloom of Youth Without Surgery

Aging often shows up on the face as a loss of muscle tone and tissue volume. Instead of being full and elevated, the cheeks and temples may deflate and move downward with gravity. Sagging tear troughs, hanging jowls, large “nasolabial” lines around the sides of the mouth, a downturned frowning mouth, and “marionette” lines are all signs of volume loss. Advanced, long lasting dermal fillers including Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Belotero are used by Dr. Tantisira to perform non-invasive, minimal downtime, liquid facelifts, which yield virtually instant results and no scars.

As a physician, Dr. Tantisira uses her experience and educational background to select the best product for the treatment area. Proper numbing techniques make the injections comfortable with better outcomes. Each patient will receive Dr. Tantisira’s personal expertise and experience for all injectable therapies.

Liquid Facelift Without Surgery With Dermal Fillers

Traditional facelifts involve tightening and removing excess skin under general anesthesia and a long recovery. Patients who seek a natural looking, but rejuvenated appearance may consider a non-invasive technique, such as the “Y-Lift” or “Liquid Lift”. Both can be performed with minimal or no downtime in Dr. Tantisira’s Honolulu office.

Sometimes called “lunchtime facelifts” or “job search surgery”, according to the Liquid Face Lift Association’s website, these lifts seek to achieve the following:

  • Gentle lift of individual or overall facial features
  • Reduce wrinkles, creases, lines and folds
  • Restoration of natural curved facial curves
  • Creates an upturned mouth for a friendlier smile
  • Addresses under eye bags and circles, tear troughs
  • Can open the eyes with a lifted appearance
  • Lift and diminish jowls, sharpen the jawline
  • Even out bumps in the nose

Instead of pulling and tightening the skin of the face, liquid dermal fillers are injected in key areas around the cheekbones and jawline to give a multi-dimensional lifting and volumizing effect.  Think of an apple: when it is fresh, the shape is firm and without dents and creases. But as the apple ages, it becomes wrinkled and saggy. Our faces can be the same way. We lose volume in key areas of our faces and then gravity pulls down on the remaining areas. Using a dermal filler to rejuvenate, Dr. Tantisira uses the liquid to push out the sunken areas and recreate fullness. Restoring volume in the cheeks, temples, jawlines and other key areas that lift, she can non-surgically restore remarkable effects, lifting the eyes, nose and other areas “back into their youthful place”.

Injection of Dermal Filler to Correct Loss of Volume in Cheeks and Tear Troughs

The procedure takes less than an hour depending on the area(s) being treated. Patients are numbed with local anesthesia, which is allowed 10-15 minutes to take effect. Dr. Tantisira will inject the selected dermal filler, and then massage and sculpt the area to achieve the desired affect and shape. Structural recontouring of the face lasts up to 1-2 years depending on the area, condition treated and the product(s) used. Botox Cosmetic and Dysport can be used to compliment the liquid lift by relaxing key muscles in the face, helping to lengthen the time between touch-ups.

6-27-08 Guerrero, Andrina pre Perlane temporal-cheeks (3)9-10-08 Guerrero, A post botox & Perlane lips -3-

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Nose, Chin Sculpture and Hand Rejuvenation without Surgery

Structural recontouring with dermal fillers can also be done on the hands, chin and nose.  Dr. Tantisira selects the best dermal filler for the area of concern, and restores and/or molds the area, without surgery and minimal downtime.

cosmetic pictures 061Ngyuen, D post Radiesse Chin_edited-1

Chin and Nose, “Asian Bridge Builder”

Instead of the traditional plastic rhinoplasty surgery to correct the way a nose looks or surgery that uses an implant to build-up a chin, Dr. Tantisira uses dermal fillers.  Instead of weeks of often painful, recovery time, patients are out of the office and back to work the same day.

Fong, Lianne 2008-05-26.ed Fong, Lianne 4-7-08 (7)_edited-2

A popular nose procedure is building up the bridge for Asian patients called an “Asian Bridge Builder”.  Also, if a bump on the nose needs to be corrected, Dr. Tantisira will use dermal fillers to smooth out the bump(s).


As hands age, they lose fatty tissue volume and often look “claw-like” and “veiny”. Other signs of aging are thinning skin, prominent tendons and pigmentation. Dermal filler addresses the loss of fatty tissue volume by restoring fullness with either a hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm or Belotero) or calcium hydroxylapatatie (Radiesse). Dermal fillers provide a near instant result, and Radiesse has the added plus that the color and opacity of the product blends in with skin better and hides bones, veins and tendons. Both injectable therapies promote the growth of collagen, and last up to 6-15 months. To address brown spots or liver spots, patients could consider either the Fractional CO2 Laser or the Erbium Whisper Laser to address pigmentation.

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Dr. Tantisira is able to provide some corrective treatment for patients who were unhappy with their dermal filler or Botox/Dysport results provided by other offices or spas. Depending on the patient’s situation, she may be able to balance out uneven areas with dermal filler injections, or strategic injection of Botox/Dysport to counteract previous treatment.