“Madonna Lift” Workshop


Had a great time at Dr. Tantisira’s recent workshop.  The attendees had a lot of great questions and even got to see a demonstration where the patient received Dysport, a muscle relaxant like Botox Cosmetic.

Dysport sales consultant, David Higashiguchi was on hand to help out and shared information about the product.  He also shared that Dr.Tantisira is considered among the most experienced and knowledgeable physicians who administer the product on the island!

Steve Henley of Merz was also on hand and shared information about Radiesse, Xeomin and Belotero.

Dr. Tantisira gave an informative overview of the treatments avalable that rejuvenate a person’s appearance without surgery.  She covered muscle relaxants, dermal fillers, radiofrequency skin tightening and cellulite smoothing and the “Madonna Lift”, which uses a fractional CO2 laser to treat crow’s feet and saggy eyelid and lower lid skin.

Attendees asked about how much product was needed to treat different areas, how long did the treatments last and asked about difference between having a nurse administer injections and a physician.